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So this one was written off of the other song I put up "Above & Beyond". It's kind of like a part 2 so tell me what you think!
Tags: Piano,  Flying 
Categories: Music 
Added: March 25, 2013
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2716 | Comments: 0
This is me singing my favorite song. you go.
Tags: Somewhere  Over  the  Rainbow  DeAna  Crosson 
Categories: Music 
Added: January 17, 2010
By deanacrosson
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1679 | Comments: 0
On all the horizontal images, click on it so you can get the full sized picture.
Tags: Photo 
Categories: Photography 
Added: September 2, 2008
By TaylorJ
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2515 | Comments: 0
outside the cathedral
Tags: Photo 
Categories: Photography 
Added: September 2, 2008
By TaylorJ
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2814 | Comments: 0
Steven Figueroa Singing Brotherloves taveling salvation show.
Categories: Music 
Added: April 8, 2010
By stevenfigueroa
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1671 | Comments: 0
This started out as a small student film, but became so much more. Shot on 16mm Black and white film, STREET HASSLE is a journey into a world in chaos, as we follow Martin, male hustler, and his friend Crista over the brink.
Tags:   Roger  Davidson    MCTC    Street  Hassle    Kariann  Craig    Bill  Cooper    Eric  Morcos     
Categories: Cinema 
Added: January 10, 2009
By Eric Morcos
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2420 | Comments: 0
This song's theme is light and dark, hence the name, because it's dark in some parts and light in others. So listen to it and tell me what you think.
Tags: light,  dark 
Categories: Music 
Added: September 2, 2011
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2952 | Comments: 0
"Sunny August Rains" is a song written about the loss of someone special in my life and even though the sun shines brightly outside, it is still raining inside. Recorded at Pierian Springs Studio in Rocklin, CA. Solo Recording artist Christopher Carder out of Grizzly Flat, California. All songs written, recorded and performed by Christopher Carder. website: video:
Categories: Music 
Added: May 6, 2009
By Christopher
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 4501 | Comments: 1
What I played to introduce the bride and groom.
Tags: Wedding,  Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: October 16, 2013
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2888 | Comments: 0
Hey guys so I'm starting a new project! It's called Eisley's Earworms and it's a series of lullabies in music box style written for my friends Kyle Landoni and Alexandra Landoni and their daughter Eisley. A big thanks to my mom for help with the pictures since i don't own any toy blocks haha. I hope you guys like it! Lullaby to follow soon!
Tags: Music  box 
Categories: Music 
Added: June 2, 2018
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 461 | Comments: 0
The Midwest's most popular family entertainer. Presenting Magic, Illusions, Comedy and Crazy Ventriloquism. Fundraisers for non-profit organizations are a specialty.
Categories: Music 
Added: October 23, 2010
By tahamilton
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2654 | Comments: 1
Master Magician, Comedian, Illusionist and Ventriloquist T.A. Hamilton is the Midwest's Favorite Family Entertainer. Please visit our website for complete information and availability.
Categories: Entertainment 
Added: October 24, 2010
By tahamilton
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2619 | Comments: 0
Here's another new song! I often write in pairs so this one is the sibling to Wearing Thin. Hope you guys like it and there's plenty more soon in the coming weeks!
Tags: Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: September 11, 2017
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1146 | Comments: 0
A great track By The Lethal Lyricist and Vocalist Slim Da Kon join him as he lets everybody know exactly who he is one of Hoodlumz Worlds finest
Categories: Music 
Added: August 9, 2008
By TheBrownBlock
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 4334 | Comments: 0
This is the first strings song I've ever written. I picture this one like the background music in an epic movie where everything gets destroyed and they're left with the aftermath of the destruction. So please tell me what you think!
Tags: Destruction 
Categories: Music 
Added: June 20, 2012
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3161 | Comments: 0
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