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house in heaven is about a lover whose wife died soon after their on their anniversary day he is missing her by singing ballads
Categories: Literature 
Added: July 16, 2011
By leonado.karan
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2583 | Comments: 0
So this is one of my favorite worship songs! I changed the key from the original and added some stuff of my own but it's mostly the same since it's perfect how it is. Feel free to sing along if you like. Let me know what you guys think!
Tags: Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: July 23, 2017
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1123 | Comments: 0
I had a cut out of a heart that I had been working with and somehow it ended in a pile of my clothes, and it all seemed to pull together nicely.
Tags: photography,  love 
Added: August 16, 2010
By mchadwick
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2647 | Comments: 0
This is a song I recorded when I started writing songs. Again sorry about the quality
Tags: I  Think  You  Need  Love,  Hip-Hop  Songs 
Categories: Music 
Added: February 4, 2010
By brianarriola35
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 6631 | Comments: 2
poem written by John Markland about love and being apart
Tags: poem  love   
Categories: Literature 
Added: September 15, 2009
By jambam01
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2843 | Comments: 1
I had cut out a heart out of a piece of sheet music, and had been placing it on different objects. When I placed it on the guitar, it seemed to take a different meaning.
Tags: photography 
Added: July 30, 2010
By mchadwick
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2701 | Comments: 0
The last minute of this is the same just so you know. It was supposed to fade out earlier but oh well. Tell me what you think, I would love some feedback.
Tags: Dark 
Categories: Music 
Added: March 16, 2012
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3397 | Comments: 0
Its basically covering a relationship where a female is married and she cheats with another man who is also married..and he gets caught and the female doesn't want to be involved in it
Tags: love 
Added: February 23, 2010
By Farahjw123
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2426 | Comments: 0
Music Video filmed at Big EZ Studios, New Orleans, La. Harry Sterling & His Hoodlum Friends performing.
Tags: Is  It  Love 
Categories: Music 
Added: April 16, 2010
By aoliver
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1817 | Comments: 0
In this video i am playing and singing Its Your Love my Tim McGraw an Faith hill. I love this song lol
Tags: Me  playing  and  singing  Its  Your  love 
Added: March 20, 2010
By J.M.R.H.S.M
Runtime: 202.01 | Views: 3024 | Comments: 0
test shoot with ACP
Tags: music,  band,  photo 
Categories: Music 
Added: February 12, 2009
By becfisher
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3133 | Comments: 0
This song is Black Horse and A Cherry Tree by the beautiful, K.T Tunstall. I love her music and she has some outrageous talent! This is one of my favorite songs so I decided to do my best and cover it! :)
Categories: Music 
Added: April 30, 2011
By haleybrooke
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2458 | Comments: 0
cover song of Alabama... overdubes by me.. alot of fun to do
Tags: Alabama  song  Lady  Down  Love 
Categories: Music 
Added: August 14, 2010
By Gregbakersfield
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2436 | Comments: 0
Adrianna performs this latin flavered song which was originally written for a television sitcom.
Categories: Music 
Added: January 25, 2010
By adriannalarkin
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2951 | Comments: 0
So I've been writing about stuff that's been going on in my life recently. Sad to say it hasn't been too great lately. I know I don't really explain what some of these song titles mean but this one's about heartache. That's all I'll say.
Tags: Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: September 17, 2017
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1113 | Comments: 0
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