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Hey guys! Here's another lyrical song for you! Thinking about getting a vocal coach or something since my singing isn't the best but it's definitely improved on this one! The title is more interesting than it looks I swear so give it a listen and tell me what you think!
Tags: Piano,  Lyrics 
Categories: Music 
Added: January 5, 2019
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 304 | Comments: 0
This is another interlude type song. Not really sure why I named it Dark Chocolate but I hope you guys like it!
Tags: Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: September 18, 2014
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2331 | Comments: 0
Spent the day in these mountains in WY. It was the craziest weather I've ever seen, sunny one minute and stormy the next. It was such a great shoot!
Tags: outdoors  photo  shoot 
Categories: Photography 
Added: February 17, 2010
By barkheart
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3275 | Comments: 0
I'm a HIP HOP LIFER ! I stay prepped and ready to go so when I get the opportunity I'm ready to flow...... I have the ability to write and conceptualize songs which nowadays seems to be a lost art........... Musician Information: performed all throughout LOS ANGELES, HOLLYWOOD, etc. at places such as the VIPER ROOM, the WHISKEY,DRAGONFLY,KEY CLUB,HOUSE OF BLUES, the ROXY, the JOINT,and the MARTINI LOUNGE amongst others. we've also been in the annual MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY PARADE. we blend universal flavor together with very versatile styles and unique lyrics to bring ubiquitous sounds to the world of MUSIC.
Categories: Music 
Added: March 18, 2010
By DEE 1
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3058 | Comments: 0
After this song the recordings should start sounding better. My new keyboard can record on it and it sounds amazing. I have 3 more songs to upload so listen and feedback is always nice!
Tags: piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: June 6, 2012
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3288 | Comments: 0
Most of you will recognize the first 30 seconds of this.
Tags: Desert 
Categories: Music 
Added: August 24, 2011
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2916 | Comments: 0
I wrote this song in between recording the other 3 that I recorded a few weeks ago. So listen to it and tell me what you think!
Tags: Piano 
Categories: Music 
Added: February 15, 2012
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2809 | Comments: 0
Are you looking for an excellent source of entertainment at your event? Then the Dialed Action Sports Team is the way to go. We have top professional BMX riders from the world famous Woodward Sports Camp and the Dew Tour on NBC. Here at Dialed Action Sports Team we thrive on bicycle/inline/skateboarding safety, being drug free and staying in school. We push these messages during our shows. (These messages are typically for an audience of a younger age, and are not needed at every show). Dialed Action Sports Team provides the nationís top action sports stunt show. Our show is a definite crowd-pleaser, and it always keeps people on the edge of their seats. Young and old alike will be blown away when they witness first hand the fast-paced high-flying action of the Dialed Action Sports Stunt Show. To have a show booked near you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Check us out at
Tags: BMX  stunts  shows 
Categories: Photography 
Added: March 15, 2010
By ladieschoice4130
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2776 | Comments: 0
The title is pretty self explanatory.
Tags: God 
Categories: Music 
Added: March 12, 2011
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3035 | Comments: 0
me singing landslide by the Dixie Chicks
Tags: country  music 
Categories: Music 
Added: November 13, 2013
By rachelovesyou97
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1492 | Comments: 0
Bakersfield singer/songwriter. Current hit has over 260,000 downloads. Cameo on MTV-Video-Music-Awards-nominated music video by Cake. Described by Bakersfield Californian Entertainment writer as "The fastest songwriter in the world." Regular play-listed artist and regular call-in guest on KWMR's Bakersfield and Beyond.
Categories: Music 
Added: August 14, 2010
By TalentScout
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3033 | Comments: 0
Leaves in the curb
Tags: Leaves. 
Categories: Photography 
Added: September 2, 2008
By TaylorJ
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2792 | Comments: 0
pro drummer who has played on over 1000 recordings and has toured the world with platinum acts
Tags: drum  drumming  solos  songs  rock  loops  groove 
Categories: Music 
Added: October 9, 2008
By beburwell
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3285 | Comments: 0
DVS the Band's Logo Artwork
Categories: Music 
Added: February 2, 2010
By DVS the Band
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 2381 | Comments: 0
Hey guys! Here's a new song for you! It was inspired by the anime Steins;Gate which if you're an anime nerd like me you should definitely go watch it! Anyway, hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think and I should have some more tunes on the way soon!
Tags: Piano,  Strings 
Categories: Music 
Added: February 16, 2018
By ShawnStutler
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 1000 | Comments: 0
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