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Hello. I'm BrettFromLA.

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I'm a generally creative guy and I'm glad to be part of this new online community!!

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Brett Juilly 51 Male October 2, 2008

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September 28, 2014 Available San Mateo, CA

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Studio City, CA (Los Angeles) San Francisco State University MGA Entertainment composer, programmer

About me:
I'm a generally creative guy. I write New Age piano and electronic dance music. I also used to rap. (Ugh!) I have a degree in film, with an emphasis in screenwriting, and didn't make it into a graphic design college although I think my art is pretty good. Recently I've been programming websites (web businesses). And I invent stuff too.

Skills & Talents:
music composition, screenwriting, prose, sketching, pastels, piano, guitar (a little), photography, film/video making, rapping (maybe!), some dance, martial arts, posssssibly comedy

Claude Debussy; Dyson (the vacuum guy); director Robert Rodriguez who said that a person with creativity can manifest it as music or as art or as film or as dance, and can switch art forms and learn new ones easily!

Favorite Music, Books, Art, etc:
Iron Man, South Park Movie, Aliens, School of Rock, Conversations With Millionaires (book), Young Bucks (another money book), Starry-Eyed Surprise (Paul Oakenfold), La Mer (Debussy)
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