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Hello. I'm Sagebrush Rock.

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Sagebrush Rock Reviews The band known as Sagebrush Rock started in November of the year 2000. The band plays up-beat classic rock & roll mixed in with some orginal work. With four different lead vocals and lively guitars, they cover songs most rock bands only wish they could. Over 250 local shows including Les Schawb Ampitheater, The Riverhouse, The Summer Lake Blues Festival, The Twins Boo Bash, The Fairgrounds, The Inn of the 7th Mountain, THe Owls Nest, The Great Hall, most of the local night clubs, various fundraisers and so much more. Sagebrush Rock is built to rock the house. Some of the bands they cover include: Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, Doobie Brothers, Eurythymics, Fleetwood Mac, Grand funk, Heart, Journey, Led Zeppelin, etc.... EMAIL: [email protected] Phone: 541 317-0432 "Sagebrush Rock embodies classic rock! You may have heard their great selection of classic rock cover songs at one of their regular gigs at Scoots, Timbers, or the Northside Pub to name a few. But great classic rock covers are only the beginning since they've got some smoking original music too." R&M Records 2009 REVIEWS: We have had several reviews. Here are a few choice ones: "Central Oregons Premier Rock band" Dori KLRR 101.7 July 31 2009 To whom it May Concern; Re: Sagebrush Rock Jan 27th 2010 If you are looking for a band for your small venue, then you already know that it can be a challenge to find bands that understand what it takes to play your venue. We have low ceilings, hard floors, and a lot of hardwood around our bar, so bands have a very difficult time turning the music down low enough to fit our space. Sagebrush Rock had the equipment and the understanding of acoustics in my space to make a rock and roll band a great experience rather than one that chased my customers out of the doors which happens so often with other bands. Sagebrush Rock understands that they are paid to keep your customers entertained, having a good time, and buying your products. They play many songs that you donít get to hear from live bands in this area and they are at the top of my list for bands to use in the future. Sincerely,Scott Satterlee Owner/operator Sandbagger Saloon and Dinner House Tonight, Homegrown welcomes local classic-rock stalwart Sagebrush Rock, aka the gigging-est band in Central Oregon. Well, I have no empirical evidence that Sagebrush Rock plays the most gigs around, but they sure play a lot of them. Just about every weekend, you can catch the band playing at one of any number of bars in the region. And the band that plays together plays well together; you can hear all those gigs in Sagebrush Rockís tight covers of rockís greatest hits and the bandís originals. Check out for more info and to get a taste." Bend Bulletin "These guys are quintessential Central Oregon rockers with a long standing reputation for dead on covers and head bobbing originals. Bend is really quiet on this night, so head out to Sisters and get Sagebrush Rocked. Wow, that was a pretty stupid pun." Bend Blogs The bender Source Weekly 11/08 "So the word is that ya'll rocked, and that everyone at the party had a great time. in fact he said that he was having so much fun he felt a little bad about not leaving the dance floor to mingle more with his guests! so-- bravo, well done! it sounds like you were the perfect act for the occasion, i really appreciate your band making that event work, on a budget that made sense for everyone." Cameron Clark "I've seen over 100 bands, some of which are big names, and you guys are the best I've seen." Dave, Owner Scoots Bar & Grill, Sisters, Or. "You made the hair stand up on my neck--you made me smile-you made me shiver--you made me proud --and once you rocked so perfect and the feeling was so right it made me cry thank you for a sweet ass weekend that I will never forget" Micah, Sagebrush Rock festival Christmas Valley 7/08 "Well loved local band Sagebrush Rock plays powerful, upbeat rock & roll classics and originals only they can, featuring lively guitars, duets and harmonies from four lead vocalists." -T.S. Weekly "I never knew these guys were so good!" -Ron Alvarez, KTWS The Twins 98.3 "The band employs painstaking attention to detail... they delivered tight, dynamic, fast-paced shows to Timbers audiences." -Jeff Trainor, The Source "Best tip night we EVER had" -Jan, Manager, Timbers South "Dear Band, My wife Selena and I went to your show last night and I have to say were blown away. The singing, guitars, bass, and drums were all awesome, and I thought many of the songs were performed as good or better than the original artists. Keep up the outstanding performances and thank you for a wonderful time." Sincerely, Tim and Selena W 4/24/09 Northside Pub P.S. Do you give guitar lessons? Thanks, John. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the band. Thanks for enlivening the central Oregon music scene! "Sagebrush Rock is the ultimate classic rock party band, sure to get everyone shakin' and groovin'." Cassie Moore Booking Manager, Silver Moon Brewing 24 NW Greenwood Ave. Bend, OR 97701 [email protected] phone (541) 480-4054 fax (541) 617-2873 "Absolutely, You guys ROCK and I know that from personal experience." Laura Chick, Owner Incredible Events We have had many more reviews over the years. If you would like a list of references, Including phone# let me know Sagebrush Rock

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