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Hello. I'm Smokey D.

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Can't stop, won't stop...

Last Item Added: 3359 days ago
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Shooter Mcgavin February 17, 2010

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September 28, 2014 San FranPistol

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About me:
This is SMOKEY-D of H.W.Y* reppin' San Fran Cali... My goal in life is to be remembered as an individual.... I'm a lover & a fighter which can make it difficult to handle me sometimes, but it's only due to my passion which most people don't understand. They can't understand who I am & what I'm trying to do! I continue to grow everyday & consider knowledge the answer to life. Don't get me confused w/ Nas, because I just want to speak my mind, not change yours. Book smart I am, but I retain more street knowledge than your average Bayer. My music is my life. I talk what I walk, nothing more. I'm full of word play & you'll feel my plight through the speakers. I'm something new. something old, exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm HighWild&Young... SMOKEY-D... The peoples choice... A champion amongst contenders... a soldier amongst civilians... I'm San FranTastic!!!

Skills & Talents:
Lyricist, Performer, Ghostwriter, Model, Actor


Favorite Music, Books, Art, etc:
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