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Hello. I'm Wheelie.

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My middle name is Wheelie.

Last Item Added: 1717 days ago
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Name Age Gender Joined
Trickey Styler 51 Male September 16, 2010

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January 10, 2016 Available Denver Co.

Current City



Orange Ca. learned it the hard way Gunner Construction Inc,Johnson's Tool Company llc Inventor,Building Contractor,Freestyle Bicyclest

About me:
I learned how to play guitar with Mel Bays Beginner guitar book from the seventies. I'm not real great.I only know a few major chords. I just wrote some lyrics and I sing and play from the heart!

Skills & Talents:
I am a Inventor. Freestyle Bicycle stunt performer Guitarist, Singer ,Songwriter, Actor, Auto restoration/Racecar fabricator Building Contractor

To ride my bike and act in Television Commercials and movies, Record my songs And make CD and get record contract most of all. But I also want to drive in Nascar

Favorite Music, Books, Art, etc:
Too much too list
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