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Hello. I'm Cosmosphere.

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Reality is possibility. Palindrome: a writing work in progress.

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Erin Masterson 30 December 27, 2010

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September 28, 2014

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Rahway Student

About me:
Greetings everyone! Right now my talent is an attempt to create the world's longest palindrome. I think I will post a audio file of the palindrome in its latest version every week. The words speak randomly but in a pattern, fowards and backwards it is the same. Please root for me and my palindrome as we journey to glory!

Skills & Talents:
music, art, writing

I think that most people have that dream, that they just want to put a mark on the world, a touch of themselves everywhere they trod, is left behind. Even though I am not old, I mean to leave a mark, and leave it right!

Favorite Music, Books, Art, etc:
Hamlet, Harry Potter, Andreas Vollenweider, Kitaro
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