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Photography by Taylor Riley

Added: November 5, 2008
by TaylorJ

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I am currently acting in a play called wicked. I am Elphaba the wicked witch of the west. I also am in a band called The Charmz. I play the guitar in the band and sing. I am starting a drama club in school and i would like the first play to be Grease.

Added: December 8, 2008
by luckylyssa101

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This song is Black Horse and A Cherry Tree by the beautiful, K.T Tunstall. I love her music and she has some outrageous talent! This is one of my favorite songs so I decided to do my best and cover it! :)

Added: April 30, 2011
by haleybrooke

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This is the last one I have to upload until I get around to recording more. I have 3 songs that need to be recorded. so listen and tell me what you think!

Added: March 23, 2012
by ShawnStutler

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This is the first strings song I've ever written. I picture this one like the background music in an epic movie where everything gets destroyed and they're left with the aftermath of the destruction. So please tell me what you think!

Added: June 20, 2012
by ShawnStutler

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Off the upcoming album San FranTastic on Thizz Ent.

Added: June 9, 2010
by Smokey D

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Time for some new stuff! Hope you guys like it!

Added: April 13, 2013
by ShawnStutler

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Great lighting on the beach in San Diego

Added: January 20, 2010
by gamewnr14

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music video

Added: February 4, 2010
by moviestarahb4
Runtime: 145.15
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Added: December 3, 2012
by HeatherMarie

Views: 1204 | Comments: 0
New song! The theme of this one is bravery. Whenever I get nervous or start over thinking things I play this song and it gives me courage.

Added: May 8, 2013
by ShawnStutler

Views: 1608 | Comments: 0
Trickey w Bass

Added: December 20, 2011
by Wheelie

Views: 1581 | Comments: 0
New song! I haven't been able to write much lately. I have the time, the ideas just aren't coming to me. So hopefully I'll have more soon! Thanks for listening!

Added: April 18, 2014
by ShawnStutler

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One of my earlier songs.

Added: May 31, 2010
by ShawnStutler

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Added: September 3, 2008
by TaylorJ

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