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crazy for you

Added: August 28, 2011
by mora

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Photo shoot with model Jen Ferraro

Added: April 12, 2010
by becfisher

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This is another mix tape me and my boy K-coats whipped up the beat is produced by Mr.Kooman

Added: January 24, 2010
by ValleyBoyzEnt...559

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LA sunset, looking out towards Malibu

Added: December 2, 2008
by becfisher

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I don't often do vocal songs so the vocals aren't great. I did the best I could. But this song is very important to me and I hope that it will help you in some way. This song is a message or more like a warning. If there's anyone in your life that maybe you don't talk to as much as you used to. If they're important to you, someone you wouldn't want to lose. Don't put it off, reconnect with them, do it as soon as possible because you just never know how much time someone has. I made the mistake of waiting and I lost that chance. I thought I had all the time in the world but the sad truth is you don't.

Added: September 8, 2018
by ShawnStutler

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Photography by Taylor Riley

Added: April 22, 2009
by TaylorJ

Views: 2414 | Comments: 1
like avirgin

Added: August 28, 2011
by mora

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This is us doin us

Added: January 22, 2010
by lbdj55555

Views: 1349 | Comments: 0
Last new song until I get a chance to record! I have re-recorded a couple old ones that I'm going to put soon though. So check this one out it's one of my favorites!

Added: March 29, 2013
by ShawnStutler

Views: 1886 | Comments: 0
Something I painted in high school. 9x12. For sale.

Added: November 15, 2009
by Ratch

Views: 2468 | Comments: 0
Great lighting on the beach in San Diego

Added: January 20, 2010
by gamewnr14

Views: 1988 | Comments: 0
some of my performances!!!

Added: February 5, 2010
by moviestarahb4
Runtime: 163.93
Views: 2393 | Comments: 0
an apple and it's significance

Added: December 2, 2008
by becfisher

Views: 1971 | Comments: 0
A face comprised of two coffee cups siting ontop of a fireplace.

Added: January 17, 2010
by Steel Fire

Views: 1641 | Comments: 0
One of my originals. Hope you like it.

Added: February 8, 2012
by The Oz

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